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Colors We See/Colors We Hear

A blending of art for the eyes and ears, students paint a picture using the colors they identify in the music.   No definition of tangible objects is allowed. Brush strokes should give an artistic impression of the tempo, motion and rhythm.  In partnership with the Hutchinson Art Center the concerts are held in the main gallery. Held every other year the 2015 event will include a discussion of how the gallery paintings on display might bring thoughts of music to mind.  Enrollment is limited to Elementary students.

Piano Paintings Collage 1

Collage of Student Paintings – Collage by Jill Wager

Master Lessons
An event held periodically by University Instructors, the 2015 master lessons were given to thirty-three young pianists helping them explore in depth the technique, style, dynamics and musicality of their performance.  HAPTA teachers took advantage of the opportunity to take short pedagogy lessons on pedaling techniques and the changes of development in the Mazurka dance form of Debussy and Scriabin.  The Kansas Music Teachers’ Association awarded a much appreciated grant to help defray the expenses of this project.


First United Methodist Church
Dr. Andrew Trechak listens intently to Polonaise and Trio by Chopin

The Summer Tutorial
This is a new addition to the HAPTA schedule for advanced students of all ages. The focus is on a particular form of music with an in depth study of the composers and history.

mazurka 004

Gone Berserka for Mazurkas

The 2015 tutorial event was a study of the Mazurka, a Polish folk dance made famous by Chopin.  Performances ranged from six of the works of Chopin through seven later composers.  The Berserka part of the title was associated with the actual learning to dance the Mazurka.

Pick a Piano

Partnering with Pianos Unlimited, students perform a solo of their choice on any of the grand pianos prepared for playing.  A brief background of the selected piano is shared with the audience and a demonstration is given by a certified technician. Students have a bird’s eye view of how the piano works and are encouraged to ask questions

Hard to choose from 12 pianos!


IMG_0292 (1)

We all picked this one.

piano innards

Piano Innards


Art Deco Grand Piano
Whispering “Pick Me-Pick Me”

J.S. Bach and His Baroque Friends and Family
Trilling has never been such fun.  Fifty-five HAPTA students learned music of the Baroque style dating from 1600-1750 and the death of Bach.  Included on the program were composers from Germany, Italy and France.  Four of Bach’s sons and composers in their own right were also included. The five concerts were preceded with a discussion of improvisation of ornaments to improve the music and followed by the showing of a movie on the life of Bach.  The unusual find of a composition by a female composer of the day was also performed.  

Emily Piano Full

Performance of Rigaudon by Elizabeth de la Guerre

American Guild of Organists

A clinic sponsored by A,G.O. provides students of all ages the chance to have a “Pipe Organ Encounter”.  The organization reaches out to young pianists and allows them to listen to a mini concert, explore the pipe chambers and play the instrument.  Pizza adds nicely to the event.

good group EDT

Pipe Organ Encounter

Annie 1 (2)

Feet, too?

Making an Impression

This event is held periodically for intermediate and advanced students.  The connection of their chosen composition to the history of how other composers refined the form is explored with the use of pictures displayed in chronological order.


Novelette Bb major by Poulenc


Music History Can be Fun

Spanish Tutorial

Los Compositores de Espana was an in depth study of the music of Spain. The music of nine of Spains’ most famous composers was performed by intermediate and advanced piano students. Elementary students learned of the cultural traditions and how they were incorporated into the dances and songs that they played.


Rose Tango by Rollin

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