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Community Service Project:
In an attempt to encourage piano students to share their music talent with the community HAPTA established a program by which students may choose to play at church, school, clubs, Third Thursday events, retirement facilities, family reunions and at home performances for neighbors and friends.

Community Service performance for family and friends.


Wesley Towers Lobby – Improvisation by Performers

Kansas Cosmosphere and Discovery Center
Lets’ Fly  was an appropriate title for a gala event where over fifty students performed on the second story bridge of the Kansas Cosmosphere.  Two full-sized planes flew from the rafters above making it a perfect spot for music that gave voice to words like stars, space, moons, planets and comets.

Going off into the wild blue yonder was not out of the question.  Original compositions written by HAPTA students were performed as well.

2014 june nov 304

Journey of the Comet
by Melody Bober

Third Thursday Concerts:  Partnering with the Downtown City Center, HAPTA joins the community in a renaissance of Hutchinson’s Main Street with mini concerts at venues such as the Historic Fox Theatre, 1st National Bank, Studio 13, Ave A. and Pyle Park gazebos, BookEnds, Gale Wall Photography Studio and Hutchinson Art Center.  Students of all ages enjoy participating in the community service project by performing fun, lively duets and solos for family and friends. The addition of two venues to the list of Third Thursday Come and Go Concerts has opened up more opportunities for students to perform.


Rainbow by Jeanine Yeager

Summer Sunshine Concerts
(48 students and more audience than chairs – below.)

Christmas Recital 2

Fun with Santa and his wife at the Book Ends on Third Thursday.


Performers, Pie and Popcorn – Farmers Market Pavilion – Three’s a Crowd Trio by Joyce Grill


1st National Bank
Jazz Boogie Duet
by William Gillock

The home of Superman becomes the identity of Hutchinson, Ks.  on the third weekend of June each year. This June 18th, 2015 Third Thurs. was a first for participation by HAPTA students and will be tops on their list for 2016.

Smallvile Piano Students


Thumbs up for Superman

A Rainy Day At The Hutchinson Zoo: Outdoor Fun Turned Upside Down

The Hutchinson Art Center Hosts HAPTA Piano Students Christmas Concerts
The Sounds of Christmas Concerts were held at the Hutchinson Art Center on December 14th, 2019. This year’s Christmas gift bag included silly paper eyeglasses along with the Community Service Ribbons presented to students having performed 4 times during the year at church, school, retirement facilities, or neighborhood get-togethers.

11:00 Concert

12:00 Concert

1:00 Concert

2:00 Concert

Down on the Farm:  An event especially for elementary students, the music performed is in keeping with the barn  venue and the farm theme.

down on the farm pic

Potpourri of Piano Pizzazz

A potpourri of two piano teachers, three conductors, ten keyboards, 30 adult pianists from the community and sixty piano students playing duets, trios and quartets in an ensemble celebration of Flag Day….ninety-six performers in all.  (A HAPTA grant from the Kansas Music Teachers’ Association helped make this possible.)


Washington Post March
by John Phillip Sousa
Duet Arr. by Melody Bober

IMG_7681 EDT

Ode to Snoring
Family duet by Kevin Olson

Getting Everyone Outdoors at the Nature Center

The Dillon Nature Center provides a serene setting for outdoor concerts on the deck of the educational center above the pond. Fishermen enjoy the music while birds join in tandem with cool improvisations. Children can create their own music as they play drums, bells and gongs at the Play Scape.

IMG_0487Biggs Kids

Dillon Nature Center Play Scape

Dillons Nature Center

Taylor’s Shady Lane Cabin

The Center served as host for the It’s for the Birds concerts in an afternoon and evening of wonderful music highlighted by the premiere of “On Bird’s Hill.” The piano ensemble (six hands) by composer, Mary Leaf was performed at each of the five concerts by different trios. Commissioned by the HAPTA teachers for their students the composition sings and soars in a musical setting of birds in flight. In keeping with the theme, bird seed was donated to the Center for the winter feed.


Judy and Jeanette with Composer’s brother and nephew in attendance at the premiere


One of Five Performances
“On Bird’s Hill”
Trio by Mary Leaf

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