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It’s a stretch but I can do it.

Requirements for HAPTA Membership


Winter Wonderland by Faber/Faber

Membership in Music Teachers’ National Association and Kansas Music Teachers’ Association and willingness to work towards the goals outlined by the KMTA mission statement:

  1.  To help each student experience the joy of music
  2.  To strive for a high level of professionalism
  3.  To foster in students a lifelong commitment to music
  4.   To work in partnership with our community
  5.   To insure that music is an ongoing vital part of our cultural life.

Gift:  HAPTA members appreciate the gift of a piano presented to the Hutchinson Art Center in 2012.


Toccata by Geoffrey Bush …music still damp from overnight rain.


Potpourri of Piano Pizazz-Teasing Game by Katherine Freiberger

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