Judy Blauer

IMG_20150706_142717edtI sometimes think that I am the luckiest person on the planet.  I have an occupation that after more than forty years still brings me much pleasure.  In each student there is the possibility of making a life-long lover of music and if I am successful then I will have made a life-long pianist as well.

jb1My experience has taught me that as much as possible each student needs to be playing music that is new to both of us. It produces some of my best teaching. Tracing a “plan” through method books and supplemental materials is not always productive.  Every student needs to be viewed as a tiny, micro business with “change” being the operative word.

My experience has taught me that performance goals are what push students to the next level of play.  The concerts can be very relaxed and without memory but there needs to be an abundance of them.

My experience has taught me that I need to invest my time in understanding the passion my students have for other activities.  I need to prove to them that music will enhance these and future interests throughout their lives.  Many adults regret that they ended their study of music too soon.  I would prefer not to add to that list.

BM/BME, Pedagogy Training,
Thirty-five years Community College Part Time Instructor,
Accepted Enrollment:  2nd grade through Adults

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