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Working with children supported by their parents is one of my greatest joys. The encouragement that comes from me as their teacher and from their families is essential to the learning process. I try to select music for my students that they will enjoy and that will help them grow musically. Motivation for performance often comes from the music itself. Motivation also comes from playing together or for each other. Performance goals help to develop self confidence. That is why I believe in providing many opportunities for students to perform in casual and comfortable settings. I also provide group lessons in which students can learn musical concepts, perform for others and interact with others in a fun filled environment.

I have discovered that music enriches the lives of children in many ways beyond the music itself. The process of learning a discipline that uses the brain and the hands working together enhances learning in general. In my experience, I have seen the attention span and coordination of students improve tremendously in a short period of time. Learning music develops sensitivity to sound and to all of the arts. I encourage my students to pursue other musical and artistic endeavors besides the piano. When they do that, they enjoy all areas of the arts and are able to share their music with others.


BME/MME, Suzuki Pedagogy Training, Church Pianist/Organist
Accepted Enrollment: Age 4 through High School




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