Concerto in G minor Op. 25 – Mendelssohn

Laura symphony IV

Concerto No. 3 Op. 20 – Kabelevsky











compete 1 - IMG_8459-kk

“I” ratings and District KMTA Performance Auditions…ready for the State competition.

Anderson Concerto Auditions:  An event that requires students of grades 4th through High School to play with a high level of performance skill.  Memorization required. HAPTA also sponsors the instrumental division of the auditions. Advanced winners perform with the symphony.

KHSAA Piano Auditions:  High School students only.  Enrollment made through the school in which they attend.

KMTA Performance Auditions:  Performance of two or three memorized pieces. Ratings are given and with a 1 rating a chance to perform at the State competition.


“It’s over and I survived”
KMTA Performance Auditions
     McPherson College

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